The popular Russian singer and actress, is expanding her creative boundaries: in recent years she has been studying and developing the world ethnic and spiritual music.
She is called just “Sati” by her new fans from all around the world.
Sati’s ethnic program is a symbiosis of the ancient Sanskrit mantras; Caucasian, Slavic, Oriental motifs taken from old, almost forgotten music.
The unusual combination of the sounds: musical instruments of different nations; mysterious hang-drum; exquisite classical instruments harp, cello, flute framed by cosmic electronic sounds accompanied by Sati’s soulful, clear and flying voice – this music is truly mystical! It takes the listener into a certain space, where everyone can find something sacred on his own…
“I believe in the ancient sage’s sayings that music is the language of God.
That’s why it has no boundaries – linguistic, cultural or others. This music is flowing from heart to heart. “Sati
Sati performs with unique musicians from different parts of the world who are also fond of ethnic music.
Ildar “Giridhari” composes and plays ethnic music on the youngest instrument in the world – hang drum. Ildar’s creative works give us the opportunity to feel the sacrament of the Eastern musical culture, the deep sounds of Armenian duduk and the melodious sounds of the Arab lute – oud.