Mira is an extraordinary vocalist from the country of Montenegro whose professional vocal talent surpasses the standard of contemporary kirtan. One has to hear Mira sing to know the colour of her tone, as her voice is completely one-of-a-kind.

After completing primary school for singing and piano, Mira carried on expanding her skill set by diving into multiples styles of music such as blues, traditional orthodox, alternative rock, gothic, and of course, kirtan. Throughout this time, Mira had been the lead vocalist in a number of projects and she was able to develop her intrinsic talent for the simple subtleties found in all the great musical compositions.

From forming a rocking kirtan band to collaborating with some of the most celebrated artists of the kirtan genre, such as Krishna Das, Madhava Prabhu and more, Mira has comfortably settled into the world of devotional music. By incorporating her musical expertise with classical bhajans, Mira is a singer that leaves an impression on everyone she plays for, as it is rare to find a musician with such unique talent and devotion for the Divine.