Native of Italy and resident of New York since 2000, Cristiano has performed as a classical in­terpreter, improviser, conductor and music direc­tor in venues such as the Cathedral of St. John the Divine and Carnegie Hall in New York, the E.Brito Theater in Santo Domingo and Komitas Hall in Yerevan, among many others.

He has earned two Masters’ degrees with honors, one in Physics & Engineer­ing at the Polytechnic College of Turin and the second in Jazz Piano at the Manhattan School of Music in New York, where he has continued to study for years to perfect his knowledge and performance of Classical, Jazz, Af­ro-Cuban, Gospel, Blues, Brazilian and Indian classical music, studying with leading exponents and teachers in each of these styles. 

After years of regular meditation practice, spiritual search and training, and experience as facilitator of family and multidimensional constellation therapy, today he offers unique forms of inner reorganization, which are revealing to be of extraordinary help, both in situations of apparently incurable illness and of physical, emotional, mental, social or spiritual trauma and disfunction, and in the path of personal and spiritual realization. 

The noteworthy effect of his healing music on all brainwave frequency bands is proven by studies and EEG measures that indicate an extraordinary intensi­fication of all natural self-healing processes and access to states of conscious­ness and self-awareness of unusual depth . 


Cristiano Tiozzo’s “Living Now” Inner Healing Concerts intend to be an opportunity for adults of all spiritual paths to gather and open together to the intercession of the Universal Creative Intelligence, whichever name we each associate with it according to our individual faith and upbringing.

Music, entirely improvised on the piano, acts as mirror, instrument and support of this shared experience, and is the more effective the more sincere and deep the collective inner opening is.

Many people who have lived this profoundly moving and regenerating experience, have reported healings and significant positive changes in important aspects of their lives.

The extraordinary effect on all the brainwave frequency bands is proven by studies and EEG measures that indicate a substantial intensification of the natural processes of internal self-healing and an access to states of consciousness and self-awareness of unusual depth.

Given the effort and concentration required by the event, participation is recommended to adults.

All are welcome who feel called to join this extroardinary opportunity for inner exploration and reorganization.