‘Dahi Handi’ is the Hindi word that means, ‘Earthern pot of curd’, but in India, it means much more than just this simple definition. Dahi Handi is the celebration that re-enacts one of the pastimes of Lord Krishna and the gopas (cowherd boys) breaking pots hung from the ceiling of the villagers to steal the curd and butter stored inside. As they were just children, they needed to climb upon each other and create a human tower to reach the high-hanging pots of butter.

This year at the Just Love Festival, right before we celebrate Holi, we will be having a Dahi Handi of our own under the guidance of a professional ‘Casteller’ from Barcelona.

A ‘castell’ is another name for a human tower and Janardhana Das is a member of the ‘Castellers de Sants’ team who has participated in some of the biggest Castell competitions around the world. So far he has formed an additional group called, ‘The Castellers Bhakti Marga‘ and with this group, Janardhana Das will be bringing his know-how and experience to the festival to oversee the construction of a huge human tower to break the earthen pot as per the ‘Dahi Handi’ tradition.

The Castells take great concentration and teamwork to make, and if all goes as planned (cross your fingers!) we will have one incredible human tower to showcase to the entire Just Love Festival attendees directly before the throwing of the colours takes place.