Theo Bharatwaj is a classically trained Carnatic musician who has progressed both as a musician and a spiritual seeker greatly in his life thus far. After being awarded a scholarship to study, Theo went on to receive various titles and blessings in India that have opened the door to his performance in some of the most renowned temples in the world. Among the many, Theo has performed in the infamous Sri Rangam temple, as well as the Thillai Nadaraja Temple, Thirupathi, Kasi Annapurne, and Guruvayoor in Kerala – each of these temples is visited by thousands of pilgrimages each year, as they are some of the most respected sites in India.

With two albums already released, Theo has kept himself busy by doing what he loves most – singing and composing music that inspires everyone to experience the Divine. This year at the Just Love Festival, Theo will be performing a set dedicated to sharing the art of music he has learned from his teachers and rocking the house with some bhajans and kirtans as a service to the Divine.