By producing independent beats, and writing modern verses to supplement Sanskrit text, Bhakti Wave provides their own take of the spiritual path through the lenses of their own life. The group collaborates with fellow kirtan artists to showcase a fresh approach to the world of spiritual music. From over five years of various projects and productions, Bhakti Wave decided that now is the time to take things to the next level and start a new endeavour which will have a lasting impact.

The content they create is not to glorify materialism, as found in the mainstream industry, but rather, they take an underground approach to promote conscious spirituality. Through their music, they preach about the power of meditation, yoga, knowing one’s true Self, and what it means to build a real relationship with the Divine. Bhakti Wave isn’t just a band, but they are a call-to-action directed towards the mindset of a materialistic world and the encouragement for all on the journey to the Soul.