Aaradhakananda is an artist who lives in the world of music. From being a proficient guitarist to a well-trained singer, as well as a skilled harmonium player and percussionist, Aaradhakananda’s repertoire of abilities is rooted in his musical studies and performances.

Originally from Brazil, Aaradhakananda attended his Music Composition schooling in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, from which he transferred to the Saarland University in Germany to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Jazz Guitar. After being in many bands, and performing in various venues, cafés and theatres, Aaradhakananda shifted his musical career from the Jazz scene to the realms of modern-age kirtan.

For over ten years, Aaradhakananda has dedicated himself to learning the theory of classical Indian music in order to perform a prestige and authentic version of bhajans all around the globe. By offering a multitude of workshops, Aaradhakananda not only gives a performance, but he encourages the participation of all people to sing the Divine Names and serve the planet through the medium of music.