#Gaura Vani Music Workshop

Embodying Bhakti – Music Workshop with Gaura Vani

Thursday 13th and Friday 14th July

The Just Love Festival is offering a unique opportunity to do a workshop with Gaura Vani on either Thursday 13th July or Friday 14th July both days from 3-5pm.

Healing the Heart with Simple Songs of Devotion: All are welcome to attend this special workshop on embodying bhakti with Gaura Vani, an international kirtan artist, filmmaker, musician, and activist.

Gaura was raised in the Bhakti yoga tradition from birth and is also an engaging storyteller and teacher. He’ll share music and folk-songs from ancient India, well-loved stories on dharma, living one’s path and introduce us to the more than 5000-year-old practice of connecting to Radha and Krishna, the “Divine Couple.” Bhakti is a living practice of softening the heart through daily acts of humility, love and devotion.

Sometimes our hearts become chapped and dry from what it takes to make our way in this world. We are often encouraged to be harder, stronger, more driven; and we begin to lose our connection with our Sacred Heart. Bhakti invites us into an awareness of the deep and personal relationship with the divine in everything we do and everyone we meet.

Learn the basics of Bhakti and begin to bring this ancient intention-based practice into your life in practical ways. You will have the opportunity to weave together and embody these Bhakti teachings with kirtan, call and response chanting.